Roof windows with numbers
  • 1. Better insulation
    Snow on roof window

    1. Better insulation

    What you get
    • Advanced insulation system with expanded polystyrene
    • Exceptionally high insulation properties
    Thermal comfort icon
    What it means
    • A powerful shield against wind and cold air
    • Less need for heating in the winter
  • 2. Secure ventilation
    Flies on roof window

    2. Secure ventilation

    What you get
    • Unique ventilation flap
    • Removable, and washable insect filter

    Secure ventilation icon  Secure ventilation icon

    What it means
    • Ventilation possible, even when the window is closed
    • Filtered fresh air day and night with no dust and insects
  • 3.  Personal safety

    3. Personal safety

    What you get
    • Laminated inner glass designed to hold together fragments in case of breakage

    Personal safety icon

    What it means
    • Inner glass will not fall inwards if broken
    • It’s safe to work, play and sleep under the window
  • 4. Clearer view
    Sun shines through window

    4. Clearer view

    What you get

    • Super low-energy triple glazing
    • Anti-dew and easy-to-clean coating on outer glass pane
    Clearer view icon

    What it means
    • Superb pane insulation
    • Less dew accumulation
    • Less need for cleaning pane
  • 5. Perfect blind fit
    Original VELUX mounting brackets

    5. Perfect blind fit

    What you get
    • Unique pre-fitted mounting bracket for installation of VELUX interior sunscreening
    Perfect blind fit icon  Perfect blind fit icon

    What it means
    • Fast and easy installation of any interior VELUX blind
    • Blinds click in place instantly and precisely
  • 6. Less rain noise
    Rain on window

    6. Less rain noise

    What you get
    • Extra thick glass
    • Integrated noise-damping foil on covering
    Less rain noise icon

    What it means
    • Significant reduction of rain noise (up to 50%)
    • Better sleep throughout the night
    • Peace and quiet during the day


  • 7. Safe and easy cleaning
    Cleaning roof window

    7. Safe and easy cleaning

    What you get
    • Barrel bolt function lets you rotate the window 180° and lock it into place
    Easy cleaning icon

    What it means
    • Safe and easy cleaning of the outer glass from inside
    • Both hands free for cleaning, as window is locked in fixed position