They asked me to replace
a roof window
I ended up installing 2

When it comes to replacing roof windows 1 and 1 is so much more than 2

More daylight, more fresh air, more comfort. So why not suggest that to your clients? They will love it. They will love you.

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  • Why should your client replace their roof window?

    1. Improved insulation and energy efficiency

    If their roof window is over 20 years old, it’s time to replace it with a new one. With improved insulation and energy efficiency.

    2. Enhanced daylight and fresh air

    Daylight and fresh air define how good they feel in their home. So why not replace their existing roof window with a larger one - or with several new roof windows? For more daylight and a greater feeling of space.

    3. More choice, more comfort

    Choose a new roof window that fits their needs. From better acoustic performance to electric convenience: they’re sure to find a product to matches their expectations.

    4. Easier than they think

    Replacing an old roof window or even adding extra ones is a lot easier and more cost- effective than they think!

  • Why should your client replace their old roof window by more than 1 roof window?

    Benefits of more than 1 roof window

    • More roof windows = more daylight / more fresh air / more comfort
    • More daylight = Greater feeling of space
    • Daylight and fresh air define how good you feel at home
  • What if your client does not need more than I roof window?

    There is a specific product for every client need

    • For humid rooms- maintenance free: polyurethane finishing
    • For out of reach situations and more comfort: INTEGRA® products
    • For heat protection: awning blind or shutters
    • For a better insulation: triple glazing
    • To enjoy the view: top hung windows
    • For an all in one solution (better sleep, insulation, etc.): shutters
  • What's in it for you?

    Happy customers generate more business

    • Satisfied clients: you add value to their home and enhance their quality of life.
    • More business: added value products and bigger projects give your business a boost.
    • Your are the specialist and for you it means investing only a little more time.
    • Same sizes since 1942 ensuring a perfect compatibility over different window generations. Which means same ease of installation
    • When it comes to replace an old roof window by a new one, think of using the dedicated flashings ensuring a quick and hassle free installation no damage for you client.
    • Think of the ease of installation of our installation products to ensure better insulation and prevent condensation.
  • How will we support you?

    We provide tools that help grow your business

    • Media campaign that will inspire your clients: TV as, print, outdoor, website
    • Leaflet to inspire your clients.
    • Dedicated landing page with installation tips, sales material and so much more.