The room to sleep

You sleep best in a dark environment at a comfortable temperature. The change between daylight during the day and dusk in the evening ensures that you fall asleep gently. A healthy dose of fresh air benefits your night's sleep.

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Better sleep with more daylight and fresh air

Daylight determines the natural sleep pattern of our bodies. It activates the production of hormones which ensure that you rest when it goes dark. Once you are asleep, complete darkness ensures the best possible sleep. During the night humidity and CO2 levels will increase substantially. Therefore, ventilation is absolutely essential in the morning.

Our daylight solutions provide more comfort and wellbeing in your bedroom

VELUX roof window & external sun shades
Let fresh air and daylight in whenever you want, but keep out the heat of the sun for a pleasant temperature.
● Available with handle on the top or bottom.
● All window decoration and accessories are easy to fit.
● Keep out the sun's excessive heat on hot days.
VELUX INTEGRA® roof window with electric shutter
Automatic programmes allow you to sleep without worries. The shutter opens in the morning to wake you with the sun's first rays.
● Closes automatically when it rains due to its rain sensor.
● Automatic ventilation and many other comfortable programmes.
● Shutter keeps it cool and dark at night.
VELUX dormer
The room to get to sleep really well. The alternative to a traditional roof dormer creates the space you need and fills it with daylight and fresh air.
● Can be installed without planning permission.
● Provides more daylight than a traditional roof dormer.
● Creates the space you dream about.