The room to work

In every house there is a place where you go to work, relax or work out. But is it a nice place? A lot of daylight brings with it a feeling of warmth and inspiration, even on a cloudy day. We offer you inspiration, practical tips, relevant daylight advice and perfect solutions for your study.

Create room for your dreams.

Healthy living

Realise your ideas more quickly with more daylight and fresh air

Your study is a place for inspiration and the realisation of your ideas. If you use electronic equipment a lot, it is very important to ventilate the stale air. Ventilation also contributes positively to balance the temperature in your room. The combination of fresh air and proper shading of the sun keeps your level of concentration at its peak. For even more comfort, you may also consider several windows. This makes your room more spacious and lighter and increases the value of your home as a result. Around 70% of people pay attention to the amount of daylight when buying a new home.

Our daylight solutions provide more comfort and wellbeing in your study

VELUX roof window & external sun shades
Keep warm air outside and ventilate whenever necessary. You can make your study habitable with a roof window.
● Available with handle on the top or bottom.
● All window decoration and accessories are easy to fit.
● Keep out the sun's excessive heat on hot days.
Electric VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows & sun shades
Automatic ventilation and sun shades provide you with the ideal indoor climate at all times. Not too warm for good concentration and optimum daylight for unlimited inspiration.
● Closes automatically when it rains due to its rain sensor.
● Automatic ventilation and many other comfortable programmes.
● External sun shades keep it pleasantly cool on hot days.
VELUX combi-pitched system
Add more living space by spreading roof windows and enhancing the view.
● Available as a single variant or as a pair with two combinations alongside each other.
● Better view of below gives the feeling of more space.
● Space is used most effectively.