The room to grow up

Your children play, learn and benefit from a good night's sleep in their room. This is why a good indoor climate is immensely important. Moreover, abundant daylight during the day improves sleep, learning capacity and health. We offer you inspiration, practical tips, relevant daylight advice and perfect solutions for your child's bedroom. Create room for your child's dreams.

Healthy living

More daylight and fresh air are important to your child

In addition to daylight, fresh air allows children to concentrate better. That fresh air is also necessary because allergies occur more frequently due to poor air quality. Children in particular are especially vulnerable to poor air quality and their rooms often contain contaminated substances from plastic toys and electronic equipment.

Our daylight solutions provide more comfort and wellbeing in your child's bedroom

VELUX roof window and dimming roller blind
Let your child play during the day and sleep peacefully at night. With daylight, fresh air and dimming you determine the perfect conditions.
● Available with handle on the top or bottom.
● Optimum dimming, available even with Disney or Star Wars designs.
● All window decoration and accessories are easy to fit.
Two VELUX roof windows & external sun shades
The right amount of daylight to get through the day actively. The inside temperature remains comfortable due to the external sun shades.
● Roof windows can be linked together for extra daylight.
● A wider view and better distribution of the daylight.
● External sun shades keep unwanted heat of the sun out.
VELUX combi-facade system
Experience daylight by looking outside. Add a low window so that children can also see what's going on outside.
● Available as a single variant or as a pair with two combinations alongside each other.
● Better view of below gives the feeling of more space.
● For your child's safety, the lowest section has restricted opening.