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Bringing our new campaign to life online for End-users

Online banner adverts will play an important role in making sure end-users are fully aware of all the benefits and opportunities
of NEW VELUX white-painted roof windows.

And here you can see what these banners will look like, with a range of concepts aimed at end-users in clear lacquer markets.

• In keeping with the other communications for end-users in this market, the banners use our ‘roller’ graphic device, which conveys the stunning transformation that our new white painted roof windows bring to living spaces.

• We have explored a range of different creative ideas – some banners communicate our main campaign positioning of ‘More white. More light. More life.’ whilst others focus on specific white painted features and benefits.

To demonstrate how these would be animated online, we have created some concepts as HTML5 banners.

See the animated version below in Chrome, Firefox or IE11. Others are shown as flat visuals.

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Daylight eBook 

Download our interactive eBook and get the daylight just right in your home.

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