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We’re always looking to fill our job positions with people who have the talent and passion to grow with us.

If you find a position that matches your qualifications and ambitions, we’d love to hear from you.

Title  Location Date 
Ingeniør - processer med træ   Østbirk 1 Sep 2014
Kvalitetsmedarbejder til elektronikproduktion  Østbirk 1 Sep 2014
Portfolio management assistent med projektledelseserfaring   Østbirk 1 Sep 2014
Vedligeholdelsesmedarbejder til sprøjtestøbeproduktion   Skjern 1 Sep 2014
Supply Chain & Production Analyst  Skjern 1 Sep 2014

How to apply?

1. Apply

Submit a short and precise CV and a letter of application. 

2. Interview

The interview process typically consists of two meetings. 

3. A perfect match

We find the best candidate for the position, the team and our company. 

Questions and answers

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