Flat roof windows

VELUX curved glass rooflight

From £645.00 excl. VAT

VELUX flat glass rooflight

From £577.00 excl. VAT

Festverglaste VELUX Flachdach-Fenster


VELUX emergency exit dome

From £984.00 excl. VAT

VELUX smoke vent dome

From £1,722.00 excl. VAT

Special function roof windows

Burglary resistant roof windows

VELUX roof windows with extra security features are recommended if your roof is easily accessible. This window comes with a combination of toughened and laminated panes that when combined with a reinforced construction and extra locks ensures high-levels of security.

Smoke ventilation

VELUX roof window with effective smoke ventilation. The smoke ventilation window is activated either automatically by a smoke sensor or manually with a break glass point. Natural ventilation for daily comfort is activated with the integrated switch in the control system or via an auxilliary wall switch.

Super sound insulation

Do you live near a motorway, airport or other loud area? Choose the super sound insulation VELUX roof window to reduce noise by up to 50% (when compared to a standard VELUX roof window).

Passive House roof window

The VELUX Passive House roof window is ideal for situations where Passive House-certified building components are required.

Other products


Glazing is the easiest way to increase the performance of your roof windows.

  • Keep in the heat from the sun to reduce heating costs
  • Reduce noise from outside (traffic, playgrounds, etc.)
  • Enhanced protection from heavy snow load and hail
  • Minimises the sound of rain or hail on the window
  • Spend more time enjoying your view with easy-to-clean coating
  • and much more...

Installation products

The range of VELUX flashings and installation products make the professional installation of your roof windows quick, simple and safe. All original VELUX installation products are compatible to ensure that your roof window is weathertight and safe connected to the roof construction and has an excellent finish on the inside.

Spare parts

Our windows and other products are designed to last for years, although things can wear out or break. Therefore, we offer 25 years availability on spare parts for our products. Here you can find the most common spare parts that can be changed easily by yourself. If you cannot find the spare part you are looking for or need to obtain information on ordering, please contact us directly or your local dealer.

Glass – beauty that lasts

The beauty of having glass in your flat roof window is that it keeps its appealing shape and clarity indefinitely, while the tempered surface resists damage from hail. Great insulating effects protect against outer heat and cold temperatures and reduce exterior noise disturbances.

VELUX roof window replacement

Find your new VELUX roof window in 5 easy steps with our replacement configurator.