There are two sides to a great solution

Perfect comfort is really a question of finding the perfect combination: First you need to control the amount of daylight and solar glare to obtain a pleasant and functional interior lighting or block out the light completely. Secondly you need to protect your home against excessive heat intake from the sun. In other words, you need to combine interior blinds with exterior sunscreening.

Keep your
room cold

Warm and sunny summer days are fantastic, but direct sunlight can heat up your home to unbearable temperatures. For the best protection against heat, sunlight must be stopped before it hits the windowpane. VELUX heat protection products are positioned outside of the window to effectively prevent your home from over-heating.

Roller shutters

  • Heat protection
  • Total blackout
  • Insulation and noise reduction

Perfect for any climate or time of year, the exterior VELUX roller shutter prevents your room from getting too hot in the summer, keeps it warm in the winter and enables you to completely block out all light from the room at any time of the day.

Awning blinds

  • Heat protection
  • Transparent fabric
  • Installs from the inside

The exterior VELUX awning blind blocks the sun’s rays before they hit your window pane and reduces passive heating by up to 72%*. It helps keep your room comfortable on a warm, sunny day. Awning blinds are transparent, so you can still enjoy your view.

For a perfect rest

Early morning sunrises, disturbing streetlights, the shine of a full moon. Finding sleep can be difficult, when the lights are on, even when you feel tired. Since darkness is key to a good night’s sleep or a refreshing daytime nap, VELUX solutions for blackout and light-dimming are the ideal choice.

60,- Fitting the most popular window

Light-dimming blinds

  • Light-dimming
  • Operation with hooks
  • 2 basic colours
  • Pick&Click!®

The VELUX light dimming blind combines blackout cloth and a user friendly 3-step positioning system with hooks. The result is a simple and highly affordable blind that provides room darkening and a comfortable atmosphere for rest and sleep - at a favorable price.

Blackout blinds

  • Total blackout
  • Stepless positioning
  • 24 different colours and designs
  • 18 fun and exciting designs from the Disney & VELUX Dream Collection.

The VELUX blackout blind offers a lightproof seal for total darkness anytime. It is ideal in bedrooms, where you need complete light control to ensure a good night’s sleep or a restful nap during the day.

Duo blackout blinds

  • Two blinds in one
  • Total blackout anytime
  • Softly diffuses incoming daylight

The VELUX duo blackout blind is a blackout blind and a pleated blind in one. It offers the best of both worlds: Blackout at anytime and softly diffused natural light all day. It is available in 24 blackout blind colours in combination with a white, pleated blind.

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Ideal lighting conditions for any event

The full flow of daylight is a wonderful thing, but quite often you need a bit less to get your work done, enjoy a meal or watch the news. Ideal daylight equals controlled daylight, which is why we offer a broad range of blinds to help you adjust the lighting effect to your personal need and obtain privacy.

Basic roller blinds

  • Diffuses incoming sunlight
  • Operation with hooks and 3-step positioning
  • 4 standard colours
  • Pick&Click!TM

The VELUX light-dimming blind is a simple and highly affordable blind that provides room darkening and a comfordable atmosphere for rest and sleep.

Roller blinds

  • Glare protection
  • Stepless positioning
  • Available in 15 colours and designs

The VELUX basic roller blind is an economical solution to soften incoming daylight and achieve privacy.


Roman blinds

  • Soft lighting effects
  • Stepless positioning
  • Interchangeable fabrics
  • Dismounted fabric can be dismounted for easy cleaning

No visible cords which ensures improved child safety. 

Explore the infinite potential of beautiful fabrics and be inspired by the soft styling effects that make this collection refined and original. And due to the Roman blind’s specific design, you can easily change the fabric in a matter of minutes. Just pick your choice!

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Insect protection

The VELUX insect screen lets you enjoy fresh air – without any insects. It is easy to operate and fits any VELUX roof window.
x,- Fitting the most popular window

Insect screens

  • 100% insect protection
  • Durable, transparent fabric
  • Does not obstruct your view

The VELUX insect screen lets you enjoy fresh air – without any insects. It is simple to operate and fits any VELUX roof window. The insect screen stows neatly away in the slim aluminium top casing when not in use.


* Recommended prices for one blind fitting a standard sized VELUX roof window (M06, 78x140cm)