Optima line 

Top operated

You get all the benefits of the Standard line with improved design and extra safety and winter protection for a little extra money. 

You get a roof window with improved interior design elements, a laminated inner pane for extra safety, and not least, Snow+ technology providing the best possible protection against snow melt.

Top alu control bar

All year weather resistance

10% more daylight

Integrated ventilation

Hails resistant pane

Dust and insect filter

Extra winter protection

Safety pane

Extra draught protection

Stylish interior design

Choose the right roof window type and installation height

Mostly we recommend to buy a top operated roof window. A roof window is ideally installed low (starting 90 cm from the floor) – this will lead to a great view to the surroundings and at the same time leave space to furnish below.

Are you ready to buy?

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