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INTEGRA® remote control windows

You get elegant design and innovative technology solutions to create your personal living space.

If you are looking for the perfect comfort, then the solution remotely operated VELUX roof window INTEGRA. It includes a completely new smart touch controller, with which you can control both the window and its accessories – blinds, shutters and awnings - wherever you are in the house. Rain sensor will automatically close the window in case of rain. Remote-controlled skylight is the solution for maximum convenience or for windows located out of reach.

Top aluminium handle

Integrated ventilation

Dust and insect filter

Special gasket

Safety pane

Rain noise reduction

Control pad

Pre-set programs

Choose the right roof window type and installation height

Mostly we recommend to buy a top operated roof window. A roof window is ideally installed low (starting 90 cm from the floor) – this will lead to a great view to the surroundings and at the same time leave space to furnish below.

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