VELUX dome

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The VELUX flat glass rooflight stands out as a stylish yet discreet feature on any roof with a 5-15° pitch. The glass surface has a special coating for easy cleaning. Choose the electrically-vented base unit with VELUX INTEGRA® for convenient operation and compatibility with VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate control.


  • Excellent sound insulation from exterior noise disturbances
  • Opaque dome option provides optimal privacy
  • Simple dome design is low maintenance
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Product details

  • 1
    Acrylic/polycarbonate dome

    Acrylic/polycarbonate dome

    Robust acrylic/polycarbonate material used in the VELUX dome rooflight is virtually impervious to damage from hail, ice pellets and other extreme weather.
  • 2
    Highly insulated and two-layer pane

    Insulated PVC frame and two-layer pane

    An ideal combination of insulating PVC frame and double-paned, low-energy inner glass ensures heat doesn’t escape through the window, so your ideal indoor climate is maintained.
  • 3
    Maintenance-free design

    Maintenance-free design

    Practical PVC material used on the interior frame is a snap to clean.
  • 4

    Electrically-operated window

    Control pad offers remote control operation and the rain sensor closes your rooflight if it starts to rain.

    By adding VELUX ACTIVE you get smart sensor-based operation for a healthier indoor climate – easily controlled from your smart phone.

    Manual ventilation



  • 5
    Blinds and heat protection

    Blinds and heat protection

    Complete your VELUX dome rooflight with a blind that provides the perfect amount of light for your space – from daylight dimming to soft lighting. On hot summer days, keep the indoor temperature pleasant with the heat protection awning blind, which reduces heat by up to 76%.


  • Internal finish

    Maintenance-free PVC

    Practical seamless design and use of PVC material helps keeps the internal finish clean.
  • External finish

    Dome in opaque

    For the most privacy.

    Dome in transparent 

    For the most daylight.

    External finish

    Polycarbonate withstands impacts and fire.

  • Glazing performance

    73 pane

    Two-layer, low-energy pane with lamination on the inside and a 4 mm toughened pane with heat insulation.

Add smart indoor climate control to your roof windows

VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO indoor climate control creates a healthier indoor climate in your home – automatically.

Sensors measure temperature, CO2 and humidity and operate your VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows, blinds and shutters accordingly.

For professionals

Are you an installer, architect or a dealer – follow the below links to find more information about installation, drawings and technical details. If you are looking more tools and information - go to the professional section to find even more such as installation videos, architect cases, CE marking, how to become a VELUX certified installer

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