VELUX flat glass rooflight

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The VELUX flat glass rooflight stands out as a stylish yet discreet feature on any roof with a 5-15° pitch. The glass surface has a special coating for easy cleaning. Choose the electrically-vented base unit with VELUX INTEGRA® for convenient operation and compatibility with VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate control.


  • Scratch-free 4 mm tempered glass outer pane for great durability
  • Excellent noise reduction from rain, hail and other exterior disturbances
  • Insulating PVC frame and two-layer low-energy pane for optimal energy efficiency
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Glass – beauty that lasts

A flat roof window with glass keeps its appealing shape and clarity indefinitely, while the toughened surface resists damage from hail and ice pellets. Great insulating effects protect against outer heat and cold temperatures and reduce exterior noise disturbances.

Product details

  • 1
    Glass design

    Glass design

    Beautiful glass top gives a discreet, streamlined appearance to the roofline that goes well with almost any type of architecture. Suitable for roofs with a 5-15° pitch.
  • 2
    Highly insulated and two-layer pane

    Insulated PVC frame and two-layer pane

    An ideal combination of insulating PVC frame and double-paned, low-energy inner glass ensures heat doesn’t escape through the window, so your ideal indoor climate is maintained.
  • 3
    Maintenance-free design

    Maintenance-free design

    Use of glass means the exterior will maintain its clarity and shape, while toughened glass makes it virtually impervious to damage from the elements. Practical PVC material used on the interior frame is a snap to clean.
  • 4

    Electric ventilation 

    Choose an electrically-vented VELUX INTEGRA® base unit operated by a wall switch and equipped with a rain sensor to bring fresh air into your home. Compatible with VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate control.


    Choose a fixed base unit with a high-insulated PVC sash construction with a two-layer energy pane.

  • 5
    Blinds and heat protection

    Blinds and heat protection

    Complete your VELUX curved glass rooflight with a blind that provides the perfect amount of light for your space – from daylight dimming to soft lighting.


  • Internal finish

    Maintenance-free PVC

    Practical seamless design and use of PVC material helps keeps the internal finish clean.
  • External finish

    External finish

    Flat glass top unit with aluminum profiles.
  • Glazing performance

    73 pane

    Two-layer, low-energy pane with lamination on the inside and a 4 mm toughened pane with heat insulation.

Add smart indoor climate control to your roof windows

VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO indoor climate control creates a healthier indoor climate in your home – automatically.

Sensors measure temperature, CO2 and humidity and operate your VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows, blinds and shutters accordingly.

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Open your flat roof to daylight and fresh air

A VELUX flat roof window solution is the perfect recipe for bringing plenty of daylight and fresh air into the very centre of your home. in contrast to facade windows that only light up the room perimeter a flat roof window can be positioned right on top of your favourite areas for work, rest and play.

The result is great indoor comfort with optimal daylight influx and great ventilation performance. 

For professionals

Are you an installer, architect or a dealer – follow the below links to find more information about installation, drawings and technical details. If you are looking more tools and information - go to the professional section to find even more such as installation videos, architect cases, CE marking, how to become a VELUX certified installer

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