Top-operated roof windows

From £55.60

  • Easy opening and closing with the top control bar
  • Low installation for better view
  • Room for furniture beneath the roof window

Only VELUX roof windows are designed with top operation. A top-operated roof window is easy to operate even with furniture placed directly under it. And without compromising the easy operation, you can install it lower than an equivalent bottom-operated window to get an excellent view both when standing and when seated.

Bottom-operated roof windows

From £55.60

  • Operated with an elegant handle at the bottom
  • Installation in high position
  • Great panoramic view

Operated with an elegant handle at the bottom, we recommend this roof window if you have to or wish to place the your window in a high position, for instance in connection with a high knee wall.

VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows

From £55.60

  • Remote-controlled VELUX roof windows
  • Electrically or solar powered
  • Fresh air and a better indoor comfort

If you want ultimate comfort, the remote-controlled VELUX INTEGRA® roof window is the answer. The window comes with the new VELUX INTEGRA®control pad so you can control all your windows and accessories – such as blinds, awning blinds and roller shutters – easier and faster from anywhere in your house. A pre-fitted rain sensor will close your roof window automatically if it starts raining. Being available in both electrically and solar powered versions, the VELUX INTEGRA® roof window is the ultimate choice for out-of-reach installations or fresh air and a better indoor comfort.


From £55.60

  • Totally transform your living space!
  • Increase floor space under the window
  • More daylight than a traditional dormer

VELUX Dormer roof windows transform spaces with a dramatic increase of natural daylight and an amazing feeling of openness. This great alternative to a traditional dormer lifts the windows out of the roof, increasing useable space.

Mini Dormer

From £55.60

  • Expand and brighten your space
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Can be used with up to three windows

Increase the useable space under your attic and create a big impact from a boost of natural light with the VELUX Mini Dormer. This additional space also gives you more possibilities when placing furniture and decorating your home.


From £55.60

  • Turn your roof window into a balcony in seconds
  • Get extra dayligh
  • Step outside

The VELUX CABRIO® balcony fits snugly to the roof when closed, but when opened it becomes an instant balcony in seconds. It opens up your loft space, making it possible to step outside. The innovative balcony adds air, light and a great view to your living space.

Roof Terrace

From £55.60

  • A doorway to the outside terrace
  • Extra daylight and a great floor-to-ceiling view
  • The upper section opens as a roof window

Even if the floor space in your loft is limited, you can still enjoy the flow of space and light that a roof terrace brings. Built directly into the lowest part of your roof, the roof terrace helps you make the most of your unused roof space without compromising the size of your living space. This stunning solution offers direct access to the outside in a style of its own.

Sloping and vertical combinations

From £55.60

  • Get more daylight
  • Expand your view
  • Add window elements or combine more roof windows

A group of large VELUX roof windows give a gorgeous light-filled room and a feeling of being outside. By combining more VELUX roof windows you can add a great view and more daylight – to give your home its own unique character.

Special function roof windows

If local building regulations require an emergency roof exit, this roof window with an opening angle of up to 67 degrees meets all European emergency roof window requirements.